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We think, build, & play together remotely.

Our remote work culture is one of a kind, and it works.

Our Remote Work Culture

Prioritize integrity, loyalty, and trust above all.

We’re building a trust-based relationship with all the members and clients.


Maintain autonomy and freedom.

It means we focus on the quality of work and self-discipline.


Challenge yourself, don’t wait to be challenged.

Always learn new things and upgrade our skills and knowledge.


Embrace change & always innovate.

Always strive to achieve great things by doing new things every day.


What it’s like to work at ROI Digitally

Offer a helpful 2-week onboarding program

Every new member joining the company will have a 2-week onboarding section to help them start small and get familiar with the culture.

We believe that mentorship is crucial while working remotely as they give new members useful and personalized advices.

Communicate the mission and goals clearly

As a remote-working company, we always have to work with a clear mission and targets for clients and team members.

Frequent and clear communication helps keep company goals top-of-mind and fosters a sense of connectedness among team members.

Do regular rituals to keep everyone updated

We follow Agile principles and host important meetings to stay connected with the team, including: team planning for the sprint, team check-in for updating work statuses, team retrospective to look back at what we did and how we can improve, and finally a backlog refinement meeting to prioritize meaningful tasks.

Agree on clear working agreements

“Flexible” or “remote” work can mean different things to different people.

At ROI Digitally, we believe that remote working still needs discipline and to follow all the company policies, together with team working agreements to smoothen the working process.

Have fun with bonding activities

Working remotely doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. We often schedule some face time or meet in real life whenever possible.

We thank each other with Kudos, do mental check-ins, capture precious moments, and make space for celebrations.

Take care of all members’ career path and expertise

At ROI Digitally, we provide mentorship programs, training programs, and performance evaluations to help all members of the company grow their expertise.

You are here to develop yourself with the other talents in the team too!

Work with our remote team

As a remote company (yes we do WFH everyday), we always welcome anyone who can match the skills, the knowledge and the vibe to work with us from your most convenient "work place"!

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Content Lead
Website Developer
Graphic Designer
SEO Specialist