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A key component of contemporary SEO is keyword research. Good-quality keywords are one of the most effective methods to drive consistent, high-quality traffic to your website, regardless of whether you’re relaunching an existing blog or creating your content plan.

Though the keyword research process may take a while, the SEO research tools support streamlining and simplifying your workflow. These tools will help target the proper keywords and provide the information you need to rank them. This article will review the ten best keyword research tools that highly advance organic traffic. 

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

A keyword research tool may help you identify keyword ideas that match what the audiences are looking for on search engines like Google, Bing, and Amazon. This technology makes it easier to discover quality content that appeals to your audience. Once you have the idea, you can organize your content strategy to include those keywords in your landing pages and blog articles.

Using keyword research tools also lets you identify your behaviors and approach toward specific content. As a result, you can adjust your content to target such keywords and attract more audiences.

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10 Best Keyword Research Tools

When applied appropriately, SEO research tools simplify and streamline the working process. This software allows you to find suitable keywords and provides tracking data for better page ranking. 

While many people think owning the list of best keyword research tools is expensive, many free keyword search tools are available for primary usage. Here are the top 10 best keyword analysis tools.


1. Features:

On the top list of best SEO keyword tools, SEMRush is an all-in-one SEO keyword analysis tool that can help you do keyword research and enhance your page rankings. With the help of this SEO research tool, you can get an overall look at your website’s SEO optimization and a detailed breakdown of the most recent rankings. Moreover, SEMRush provides various keyword research tools, including content-driven keyword research, competitive keyword gap analysis, and standard traffic and search volume metrics.

With this SEO keywords software, once you enter a term into the Keyword Overview tool, it will give you a complete picture of all your site. These contain the number of times the keyword is searched each month (monthly search volume) and other information like the Trend, which shows whether the keyword is getting more or less popular.

In addition, this best keyword analysis tool enables you to automatically construct a content brief and optimize material as you write. The process comes from evaluating your content in real time for readability, originality, tone of voice, and SEO. Also, this keyword optimization tool graphically checks off SEO suggestions as you go, such as using your target and related keywords and adding pertinent links and pictures.

2. Pricing:

SEMRush’s free plan offers up to ten Analytics reports per day and ten monitored keywords; premium subscriptions start at $119.95/month and include up to 3,000 words per day, 10,000 results per report, and 250 keyword metrics updates per month.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

1. Features:

Like SEMRush, Ahrefs is one of the best keyword analysis tools with similar SEO optimization features. Using Ahrefs’ keyword explorer, you will generate a comprehensive keyword report using clickstream data to produce particular click metrics. Entering a term into the search field will automatically provide a list of keyword suggestions.

Utilizing the Ahrefs Keyword Research function like the Ahrefs Keyword Research feature identifies the keywords commonly seen on competitors’ pages, allowing you to update and create new content targets on those keywords.

Ahrefs SEO keyword analysis tool also allows tracking new keywords and keyword moves in search queries, a valuable competitive intelligence feature.

2. Pricing:

There are four price tiers for Ahrefs. If you pick an annual payment plan, the pricing for freelancers, online marketers, mid-sized businesses, and more prominent brands starts at just $83 per month. They provide a trial offer for their Lite and Standard membership plans for $7 for seven days.

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Google Keyword Planner

1. Features:

Google Keyword Planner is the best free keyword search tool for PPC keyword research. You won’t ever have to worry about hitting restrictions or paying for upgrades because it is 100% free, even if you choose not to purchase Google AdWords.

There are two primary aspects of Google Keyword Planner: one is for exploratory keyword research and discovery, while the other is for a more thorough analysis of search traffic and predictions.

Like many of the other best software for keyword research, the “Keyword ideas” function searches for a seed phrase. It provides further keyword suggestions and information on monthly search traffic, change over time, competition, ad impression share, and bid ranges. Your keyword list may be filtered by brand or generic terms, source websites, etc.

2. Pricing: FREE


1. Features:

GrowthBar is one of the best keyword analysis tools for marketers and bloggers who need ranking difficulties or keyword ideas along with their search results.

A new addition to this SEO research tool is content outline generation, which allows you to produce content outlines for your blog or website in one click, complete with keywords, word counts, headers, photos, links, and more.

Moreover, GrowthBar lets you view competitor profiles, including information on backlinks, organic keywords, Google/Facebook advertisements, and related insights.

2. Pricing:

After the free trial period of five days, GrowthBar will charge you according to the plan you select. With the higher-tier plan, you can search for as many terms as you like. The following prices apply if you pay yearly.

  • Regular – $29 per month
  • Pro: $79 per month
  • $129/month for an agency

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Long Tail Pro

1. Features:

Long Tail Pro, a highly-rated tool on the list of the best software for keyword research, displays a summary of statistics about your term, similar to most excellent SEO research tools, emphasizing how you compare to your rivals on Google’s first page of results.

Nevertheless, this is one of the best keyword analysis tools specializing in long-tail keywords, the new standard of SEO. The keyword generator Long Tail Pro creates long-tail keywords for niche websites and has even gained a cult following among writers for micro-niche websites.

2. Pricing:

Long Tail Pro is a paid tool with a 7-day free trial. Prices for subscriptions begin at $24.75 per month. Three plans are now available to users of Long Tail Pro.

  • Starter – $24.75 per month
  • Pro: $44.75 per month
  • $98.08/month for an agency

Moz Keyword Explorer

1. Features:

Moz’s SEO platform includes a variety of best keyword analysis tools. While Moz may offer fewer data points than other full-featured SEO tools (such as SERP position history or the overall number of keywords a competitive result ranks for), it is still a potential keyword research tool. This SEO keywords software provides a less intimidating user experience for individuals who need to be more skilled search marketers while not risking the data.

The Keyword Explorer feature allows you to look up any term and view its information, including its monthly volume, difficulty, and organic clickthrough rate (CTR). From there, scroll down to analyze its current results ranking and ideas for related keywords.

2. Pricing:

Moz Pro subscriptions start at $99/month for 150 keyword queries each month and include up to 1,000 keyword recommendations and SERP analysis per query.


1. Features:

Serpstat is an outstanding choice as one of the best software for keyword research. This SEO research tool provides one of the most excellent keyword research tools and website analytics, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, a rank tracker, and website audit capabilities. 

Moreover, this one of the best keyword analysis tools, Serpstat, gives the most comprehensive regional databases of keywords and website keyword ideas for the Google search engine. As a result, you may also investigate your niche using a niche research tool and an SEO site analyzer to acquire the most significant outcomes.

2. Pricing:

Serpstat offers a trial subscription for free use only a few times. You must set up a membership to use the service frequently. If you pay in full, a Lite plan is $55 a month. The monthly cost is $69.


1. Features:

QuestionDB is one of the best software for keyword research. The tool’s name implies that entering a keyword or broad topic will display a list of similar questions others have asked online.

The source is what makes QuestionDB unique. Although many programs may display keywords based on questions taken from Google or Bing, QuestionDB pulls questions from many websites, including Reddit, Quora, and Stack Exchange—which are gold mines of questions.

For instance, you may look for “keyword research” as a topic. This keyword optimization tool will let you observe how, why, and where people are talking about the subject by using QuestionDB to scour the web for frequent questions people ask about keyword research. Besides, you may develop content ideas, research a topic outside the Google search box, and get more information about the context in which you should discuss it.

2. Pricing:

Free for up to 50 results every search; for $15 per month, the Pro plan offers comprehensive results for up to 500 searches per month.


1. Features:

Regarding the best SEO keyword tools to analyze competitors, SpyFu, specializes in the user experience as a free keyword search tool and data collector.

Without even logging in, you may use it without charge. You may view the results immediately by typing the URL of the website you wish to visit into the search field. You’ll need to establish a free account and log in to browse multiple websites.

SpyFu gathers historical data to examine how the rankings for specific keywords have changed for your website or the website of your competitors. You may contrast your website with other websites in your sector. 

2. Pricing:

SpyFu differs slightly from the other top keyword research tools above because it provides monthly results rather than immediate feedback. If you sign up for SpyFu yearly, the cost is $33 per month.


1. Features:

Next on the list of best keyword analysis tools is SECockpit. Like other SEO research tools, this software requires you to enter a seed term into SECockpit and receive a result list.

Nevertheless, what sets SECockpit apart is the integrated capabilities that provide insight into search trends, organic competition, and traffic projections. It indicates that it is a tool primarily made for SEO specialists.

This keyword tool may benefit beginners. Yet SECockpit is intended for those who live, breathe, and sleep SEO. The sheer quantity of options in this SEO keywords software may be too much for you, but you’ll undoubtedly get your money’s worth.

2. Pricing: 

SpyFu differs slightly from the other top keyword research tools above because it provides monthly results rather than immediate feedback. If you sign up for SpyFu yearly, the cost is $33 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a keyword research tool?

Utilizing the best keyword research tool helps you to find customized keywords. This technology aims for greater search engine rankings by making sure to optimize the website content:

  • Competitive research: Using an SEO research tool gives you access to competition analyses, feedback, and volume for specific terms. For instance, a keyword research tool automatically displays the target keyword through a landing page URL or website.
  • List out high-quality keywords: This technology offers a keyword database that integrates with metrics like volume, cost per click, and competitiveness, serving up priceless information. By effectively using relevant keywords in your blogs and articles, you’ll raise your rankings and provide positive outcomes for your website.
  • Convenient SEO development: Achieving a high search engine ranking takes time. You may quickly and simply identify and use relevant, high-converting keywords with the help of a keyword research tool instead of putting in a lot of time and effort to do it manually.
  • Obtain customized keywords: The most excellent SEO approach is using as many generic keywords as possible. Using your keywords based on search query reports is possible with a competent tool that can give recently found keywords. It implies that these search phrases were utilized to reach your adverts online and originated from your website. 

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How to perform the best keyword research with free tools? 

Many free keyword search tools are free to use but still provide enough features for SEO optimization. Taking Google Keyword Planner, for example. Depending on keyword popularity, use, and industry trends, SEO keyword analysis tools assist you in making plans for PPC and SEO marketing campaigns.

How do I find keyword ideas?

The foundation of every SEO or PPC strategy is keywords. Hence, these are some suggestions from the best keyword analysis tool to find keyword ideas:

  • Consider intent
  • List potential keywords that describe your business or product.
  • Search for popular terms.
  • Look at what your rivals are doing.
  • Use a seed keyword.

In short, keyword research decides whether your content can reach target audiences. With the massive amount of ideas, SEO keyword analysis tools allow businesses best to analyze market trends and their competitor’s keyword usage. As a result, companies can update their page with the latest keyword trends and grow their traffic exponentially. If you want to save time in the website optimising process, SEO Outsourcing Services is also a great choice for your company.

The article has shown the top 10 best keyword research tools, which are available for both free and paid. Each tool specializes in different aspects when it comes to analyzing keywords. Depending on the needs and targets of your business, these tools will benefit your site to optimize SEO keyword research best.

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