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Are you looking for an easy way to check backlinks on Google? Are you worried about your SEO campaign?

This blog post provides a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial to check Google backlinks using the powerful domain checker Google Search Console, allowing you to analyze insights of your backlink campaign and make appropriate adjustments.

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What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free backlink checker tool that analyzes links from one website to another. In fact, Google’s backlinks tool shows you all of the backlinks to your website that it has found. Moreover, this tool also helps to analyze your backlink profile, revealing information about the quality and quantity of your backlinks.

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How To Check Backlinks On Google Search Console?

Top Linking Sites

  1. Go to Search Console
  2. Select your Property > Links > External Links
  3. Click on Top Linking Sites.

Google backlinks tool shows you the domain authority of each website linking back to your website, which can help you determine the quality of your backlinks. In fact, you can prioritize improving the domain authority of the websites linking to your site. You will need to contact the webmasters or owners of the sites to request a link exchange.

External Top Linked Pages

  1. Go to Search Console
  2. Select your Property
  3. Links > External Links
  4. Go to Top Linked Pages

This option shows you the most linked-to pages on your website. With this, you can identify which pages get the most backlinks and make necessary improvements to optimize your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check backlinks on Google?

To check backlinks Google, you can use a domain checker, such as Ahrefs or Moz, which will provide comprehensive information on the links pointing to your website. Alternatively, you can use a backlink checker, like Semrush or Majestic, to discover your website’s backlinks and analyze their value. 

If you prefer to stick to a Google backlinks tool, the Google Search Console offers a backlinks tool that provides an overview of your website’s backlink profile. By utilizing any of these methods, you can monitor the health of your website’s link profile and make informed decisions on how to improve it.

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Is there a free tool for checking backlinks?

Google Search Console or Google Analytics are free domain checker that analyzes a website’s backlink profile, providing crucial data like the number of backlinks, the domains linking to the site, and the anchor texts used. This information can help website owners track their backlinks, identify potential issues, and take action to improve their backlink profile.


Backlinks are an essential factor in defining the success of your marketing strategy. Knowing how to check Google backlinks on Google Search Console domain checker is necessary for businesses to evaluate their potential to enhance visibility and search ranking. 

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