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I have been in business for over 25 years and have seen my share of slowdowns and recessions, including the great recession in 2008. I have found that during these times of uncertainty and weakness, market share is there for the taking. 

After all, this makes sense, competitors are scrambling and distracted. I invested in quality, honest marketing during the good times that propelled my businesses over the top in slowdowns. With digital marketing, this strategy makes even more sense.

Digital marketing has advanced business branding since the early 1990s. Due to the exponential development of technology during this era, digital marketing has become essential in future-proofing my businesses, and it should be yours also.

Roy Farmer – Founder of ROI Digitally

According to market experts, the effect of COVID-19 has lowered direct interactions and focus on online marketing as a primary approach to consumers, which has led businesses to rebrand themselves on digital platforms.

As a business owner or leader, you want to make sure that your organization will grow and succeed in the long term, despite shifting market dynamics and constant change in technology advancements. While digital marketing is vital to your business branding, this strategy will help to future-proof the business and lead the way to long-term success.

Definition of “Future-Proof”

Future-proofing is the process of foreseeing and planning for probable future changes and obstacles in order to reduce their impact and secure long-term success. This includes considering potential risks and future trends while establishing strategies and solutions to mitigate them. It can be hard to see the future, so I have a hack around this.

Future-Proof Impact on Today’s Digital Landscape

Business owners and MVPs are salespeople who spend their time and effort establishing relationships and bringing income to the company. As mentioned, online consumers are now the ultimate approach to digital firms. Therefore, whether these buyers are one-time or long-term customers, the business’s main objective is to acquire actual customers by converting website or store visitors into leads or purchases. 

However, this process requires a strong involvement in digital marketing. In fact, if a company doesn’t invest in its marketing strategy and the appropriate marketing activities, it will fall behind and be unable to take its share of its market. 

Future-proof is like company insurance. While humans use insurance to protect against any potential sickness or accidents, … businesses implement it to cover their fears of market risks or challenges and help them ensure their longevity. 

Investing in insurance is necessary for businesses to reduce fears and have peace of mind. This purchase is considered a digital marketing service that allows businesses to reach out to consumers globally, generate more sales and leads, and specializes in enhancing Return on Investment rate (ROI) monthly and annually.

How “Digital Marketing Insurance” Can Future-Proof Your Business?

The decisive measurement of this digital marketing insurance is ROI (Return On Investment). When collaborating with digital marketing agencies like us – ROI Digitally, you can future-proof your company for a more affordable budget (normally at $2500/month) than the monthly salary of one marketing staff (starting at $3500 in the USA) by:

  • Investing in digital insurance ensures your position in SERP, which benefits your search ranking and increases organic traffic
  • Getting more market share from your competitor. When your business is stand-out from the market, you have the power to leverage your content and benefit your customers. 
  • Generating more sales or clients from online users. As mentioned, digital marketing allows wider audiences to reach out to your online presence, improving opportunities to boost leads.  

Whether the next shock to my business is industry specific or global on scale, I will be ready to take advantage. The main outcome of “digital marketing insurance” is protecting your company from potential market, economic, and future shocks. This insurance ensures to attract more customer footprints on your online presence and have better connections with those who actually care and purchase from you. This insurance works regardless of pandemics, recessions, or any other obstacles. 

By future-proofing your business, you can leverage digital marketing to retain your current clients and add new clients.  This will help keep your revenues more stable and your company bankable, whatever the economy throws at us.  

Are you ready to “Future-Proof” your business and turn your digital marketing to another level? If so, do it today!