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Are you ready to upgrade your website design? The most effective for problem-solving is to create a hero section website. High-quality visuals and an engaging call to action can quickly motivate users to take the desired steps from your hero page, such as downloading content or registering for an event. 

Hero images have been used for years in web design but are making more of a comeback because they help companies stand out with effective messaging. In this article, we’ll look at 4 simple steps to create the perfect hero section on your website!

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What Is A Hero Section?

The hero section is arguably the most essential element of a website. It is the first thing visitors see and sets the tone for the rest of the site. This hero definition, the header, serves as a hook that draws visitors to the website. It typically includes an impactful image or video. 

Hero section examples include Apple’s homepage, Nike’s website, and Airbnb’s landing page. These hero sections define the website’s purpose, inspire visitors, and encourage them to take action.

5 Steps To Design A Hero Section

A website landing page’s hero section is the first thing visitors see. Therefore, it is vital to capture their attention and draw them further into your site, and the design of the hero image might positively affect their experience. Here are 4 essential steps to designing an eye-catching hero section:

  • Step 1: Use an attractive hero image or video
  • Step 2: Create a powerful hook
  • Step 3: Establish a strong subheading
  • Step 4: Include Call-to-action
  • Step 5: Make it mobile-friendly

Step 1: Use An Attractive Hero Image or Video

The first step in designing a hero image that attracts attention is to choose a captivating hero image or video where it should be striking, captivating, and instantly leave a lasting impression on your visitor. 

You must focus on high-quality images, minimalistic design, and a clean look. Honestly, the hero page should immediately communicate your brand’s message, and images are an excellent way to do that without overwhelming your visitor with text.


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Step 2: Create A Powerful Hook

Your headline or tagline on the hero page will draw visitors to read further into your site or stay on your hero page. Be sure to brainstorm a compelling headline that tells visitors about your brand or website’s value proposition. 

To engross a user into the site, the copy should be concise, clear, and concise. In fact, your text should explain who you are, what you do, and how you can help your potential customer.

Step 3: Establish A Strong Subheading

A strong subheading is also vital on a hero section page. It works with the headline to provide more relevant insights from the product or service you offer, then sets the context for the content. Take the time to craft a subheading that communicates your message succinctly.

Step 4: Include a Call-to-Action

The final step in creating a hero section website is to insert a call-to-action CTA. The CTA directs visitors toward a conversion. The decisive moment will convert your potential customer or lose them forever. If you target on newsletter subscription or promoting a product, make it clear in your call to action.

Step 5: Make It Mobile-Friendly

Mobile responsiveness is another crucial element to consider when designing your hero image. With a massive number of people using mobile devices, ensuring that your hero website is optimized for mobile is essential. 

The design should be lightweight, not affect loading time, and keep your website’s overall look and feel. After all, a positive mobile experience will significantly determine whether your visitor will stick around or move on to another site.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hero section in design?

A hero image in the design is the first thing that catches a visitor’s attention. In fact, it is the largest and most prominent section on a website’s hero page, also known as the hero section website. 

Hero sections are designed to create a lasting impression on a visitor and convey the brand message. Besides, a hero definition typically includes a memorable image, a tagline, and a call-to-action button that directs users to the desired action. 


What should a hero section have?

Creating a visually stunning hero image that effectively communicates your message and encapsulates the brand’s values is important. Thus, to successfully create a hero page, consider these factors:

  • High-quality hero image
  • Powerful hook
  • Strong subheading
  • Call-to-action
  • Mobile-friendly

Is hero section a landing page?

A hero section is an essential part of any website’s landing page. Hero definition is referred to the “above the fold” section, the first thing users see when they land on a website. Therefore, the hero section is integral to any landing page and should never be overlooked.


To summarise, hero section is vital to ensure the message of your website is conveyed, both aesthetically and in terms of content. Designing a hero image can make or break a website’s user experience and should be crafted with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. An effective hero page builds trust with visitors, compels them to convert, and ensures they stay on your page longer. 

As a leading Michigan SEO service, ROI Digitally can bring together the perfect combination of design and strategy that will engage customers on every level. Contact us today for more information about embracing the power of hero sections!