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When looking at their website analytics, many businesses will usually look up the number of people who have searched and accessed their website throughout time, also known as website traffic. This number determines the quality of your marketing performance throughout the time to check whether it is sufficient for customers to reach your webpage. 

Driving website traffic is the primary goal of representing your business’s growth. Once you have successfully optimized the traffic-driving tactic, it leads to the possibility of a higher conversion rate, reaching out to more customers, and driving revenue. Here are twenty ways how to increase website traffic. 

How To Increase Website Traffic in 20 Legit Ways (2023 Updated)

What Is Website Traffic?

Website traffic indicates the volume of users accessing a specific website. The amount of website traffic drivers depends on the services/products the business offer. The higher the percentage of demand, the more users visit your site.

This indicator plays a critical role in establishing a website’s success. Boosting website traffic and identifying ways to enhance it is the primary approach to growing a business. Driving website traffic positively generates more users and converts to higher revenue.

20 Approaches to Increase Website Traffic

It is challenging to go back and determine what aspect of the web drives traffic while you are busy producing new blog posts, updating social media, and planning new email campaigns.

Here are 20 approaches in boosting website traffic that will assist the web drives more traffic and generating more leads, and improving ROI.

  1. Create content
  2. Make pillar pages
  3. Visualize content through video
  4. Optimize the voice search feature
  5. Engage on social media
  6. Participate in forums
  7. Pay for advertising
  8. Utilize the power of influencers
  9. Host contests and giveaways
  10. Offer time-sensitive discount
  11. Approach email marketing
  12. Enhance media coverage and public relation
  13. Interview thought leadership
  14. Analyze SEO strategy
  15. Execute On-page SEO
  16. Operate technical SEO
  17. Implement guest posts or quality backlinks
  18. Implement internal links
  19. List the business
  20. Improve click-through rate
20 Approaches to Increase Website Traffic

Create Content

Content marketing aims to naturally draw people to your online website through interesting, educational, and engaging content. There are several approaches to creating content and driving website traffic for your business, such as videos, podcasts, manuals, and ebooks.

Creating original content to strengthen your brand and establish your company as a thought leader is why people attract to this method. Don’t limit your content strategy surrounding your products. The content ideas should be everything clients find interesting or relevant. Instead, think about the topics that are relevant to the business and are helpful to customers.

Also, content marketing allows your business to dominate search results outside of those for brand and product keywords. You can approach new methods for your company to rank in search results and reach a wider audience with free tools like Google Keyword Planner and, which can also support web drives more content. Example of establishing content includes:

  • Write blogs to share information or address issues: There are plenty of opportunities to reach an audience. However, if you want to use blogging to attract relevant customers and drive traffic back to your business, you must be strategic about your targeting. The ideal way to create content for a blog is to answer audiences’ issues while making it easy for search engines to crawl.
  • Launch podcasts to target new audiences: Podcasting allows you to target a specific audience. Giving descriptions, publishing a key summary for simple access and reading, and transcripts for our hearing-impaired audience, and providing a list of relevant resources with each item linked appropriately.
  • Produce videos to educate or entertain: Video is a fast and easy approach to delivering messages to audiences in the most interesting way. Platforms to consider for producing videos are Youtube, Facebook Watch, Instagram Reels, TikTok, etc.
Create Content

Make Pillar Pages

Your web drives higher traffic if your page is high-ranking on website traffic drivers like Google. This major search engine prefers websites that provide expertise topics on their webpage.

You may make pillar pages more essential than blog posts and comprehensively cover all topic factors. With your thorough understanding of a subject, your search engine ranking will improve if you focus on long-term visitors. This result comes from creating “cluster content” or supplementary blog entries focusing on keywords, which include:

  • Target keywords: the words and phrases that users enter into search engines,  where certain keywords have a higher volume than others.
  • Longtail keywords: simpler to rank for and will provide the most relevant visitors to your site.

Using internal linking, the pillar cluster model arranges the content on your website around a particular subject and keyword. This structure makes it simpler for search engines to index and categorize your page’s information on a particular topic, which helps you rank for that specific keyword. Implementing the strategy appropriately or hiring website optimization service and using their expertise to attract more users to visit your page among competitors’ sites, driving website traffic in your topic cluster.

Make Pillar Pages

Visualize Content Through Video

Text-based content is acceptable, but it’s time to incorporate video marketing into your content plan because the audience prefers video content. According to Statista, 77% of internet users between 15 and 35 watch videos on YouTube, the most popular and effective channel for driving website traffic. Moreover, it ranks as the second-largest search engine globally. 

But, there are various platforms to produce videos, such as Facebook Watch, IGTV, IG Stories, IGTV Live, news feed videos, etc. Here are a few strategies for visualizing your content through video to increase website traffic:

  • Include videos in your blog entries to be visible on video search engines.
  • To increase your YouTube ranking, operate SEEO and add links to your website in the video description.
  • Include links to your website as call-to-action buttons directly in your video.
Visualize Content Through Video

Some content suggestions famous for video production:

  • Education: Build trust with your audience by teaching them new skills and utilizing your product as the main focus of the solution to their problem. Educational webinars are a particularly effective technique to emphasize the benefits of your product and the issues it addresses.
  • Storytelling: Motivating content that complements your company’s image is sufficient to enhance your brand’s awareness and ideas to a larger audience.
  • Entertainment: One of the quickest methods to engage viewers’ attention and direct them toward your website is to create entertaining films that appeal to your audience’s interests.

Optimize Voice Search Feature

You must appear where website traffic drivers are searching to boost your website traffic. Ranking well in voice search is becoming more and more crucial. Because of this, voice search content optimization is necessary. You can consider a website optimization service and utilize their industry technological marketing system to install a voice search feature. Some methods that can be used to optimize are:

  • Research long-tail keywords: Individuals tend to speak in complete sentences instead of brief phrases while using voice search. Start doing longer-tail keyword research to prepare your website for voice search.
  • Compose answer-focused content: Your writing should provide direct and exact answers to your readers’ queries.
  • Develop for snippets: Alexa and Google Home, two smart speakers, seek brief and concise responses. Search engines and smart speakers will have an easier time finding the information they need if you provide summaries in your posts.
Optimize Voice Search Feature

Engage On Social Media

Social media is not a new approach, but due to its exponential growth, all marketers should pay attention to this. In addition, to engage with your audiences on social media, you can use Facebook Chat, Instagram Stories, live video, and IGTV. Social engagement entails starting dialogues with the appropriate individuals, replying with consideration, and igniting passion. It is necessary to keep up-to-date with the latest trends to attract more website traffic drivers.

For instance, Facebook has supported businesses to install automated chatbot experiences within Messenger that link to the products, services, or even the website homepage. This newly launched feature is sufficient to boost website traffic.

Also, it is crucial to have various social media accounts and be present on platforms other than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or Pinterest. These sites will generate more website traffic in different ways when you:

  • Add hashtags to your post: relevant hashtags help increase your content’s reach.
  • Target amplifiers: industry publications, external sources of influence, customer evangelists, and potential evangelists.
  • Add social share buttons on your web blog: With a few clicks, readers can quickly share the content they’re reading on social accounts using social share buttons.
  • Post at the right time: start analyzing and posting on golden hours on social media to reach the most audiences.
Engage On Social Media

Participate In Forums

Do you know what Reddit, Quora, and LinkedIn are? They are new social forums and work incredibly well to promote blog posts. These platforms’ inherent ability to facilitate asynchronous relationships between users. The advantage of the forum format is that it encourages discussion around a particular issue or question and allows users to contribute external content to support their arguments.

These forums will enable the inclusion of appropriate links. Like other social media platforms, excessive self-promotion is discouraged in the Reddit and Quora communities. As a result, make sure the link points to a particular blog article surrounding the discussion topic. You will take advantage when sharing an informative source relevant to the issue and valuable to address the user’s query. 

There are other objectives than driving traffic to your website here. Yet, to increase value and increase brand recognition. Website traffic drivers will look for your website or visit your profile if interested in your content.

Participate In Forums

Pay For Advertising

To improve website traffic, you must be able to promote your company in front of your target clients. Getting many potential website traffic drives through search, display, and social advertisements is possible. You may use pay-per-click or retargeting advertising with search engines. Or pay for advertisements and sponsored posts on social media.

The following are some of the most well-liked advertising platforms:

  • Google Ads: You must use high commercial intent keywords in your paid search strategy if you want more visitors to your website to also mean more sales. Google has a higher rate of PPC, up to $8, compared to other sites that only surround $2.
  • Facebook Ads: You may target consumers using an advertising platform based on their interests, actions, location, and more. Facebook helps you save time and money by maximizing the performance of your ads and putting your message in front of those who are most likely to convert. 
  • Instagram Ads: The most likely outcome of creating Instagram advertisements is boosting website traffic and sales. You’ll have additional opportunities to interact with your audience through Instagram advertisements if you turn your account into an Instagram business account.
  • Pinterest Ads: Promoted Pins, a sponsored promotion on Pinterest that places your Pins at the top of your customer’s search results, can help you stand out. This tool blends your content with the rest of Pinterest’s content, making it perfect to attract more audiences to your web and boost website traffic. 
  • TikTok Ads: With the significant growth of this platform in recent years, it continues to be a compelling platform for advertisers to reach out to any demographic across the globe.
Pay For Advertising

Utilize The Power of Influencers

Influencer marketing is an ongoing trend. In reality, it’s a cost-effective way to promote your website. Using influencer marketing, you may increase referral traffic to your business by utilizing the creativity and reach of essential influencers in your sector while capitalizing on the trust they’ve already built with their audiences. When influencers share coupons, links, testimonials, or giveaways, you may use their audience to attract more website traffic drivers.

Think about publishing a blog article as a cosmetics company about tips when purchasing a foundation product. Ask influencers who write or post about their experiences and review what they believe is the most crucial feature to look for when purchasing a new foundation. You may do this with simply one influencer or as many as you see appropriate. Then, send the influencer your website link and request them to share it with their followers.

You may highlight an influencer before they feature you, which can help save both times. This might be a good beginning in connecting with and developing relationships with industry influencers.

Utilize The Power of Influencers

Host Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are excellent strategies for growing your social media followers and engagement and driving website traffic. Marketers have seen consumers registering for these events immediately share and promote them.

You can quickly increase website traffic drivers by giving attractive rewards in return for participants in viral competitions, giveaways, and sweepstakes. Rewards and incentives are effective ways to encourage existing and potential consumers to visit your business’s site.

You may integrate giveaways into your business’s landing pages or blog posts with the support of tools like Gleam and Woobox. Many competitions even allow social sharing as an entry option, strengthen your appearance to become popular, and spread over social media. Once boosting website traffic drivers, you may direct them to your products/services using various techniques, such as by providing special offers or coupons for their initial purchases.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Offer Time-sensitive Discounts

Giving out limited-time discounts may be a highly efficient approach to encourage people to act, boosting website traffic and revenue. Placing an expiration on your offer leverages scarcity, a significant psychological sales trigger.

The product discount is good, but there are other options. Consider it if you don’t generally provide free shipping. This strong incentive to get customers from social media or email marketing campaigns to your business web drives more traffic.

Offer Time-sensitive Discounts

Approach Email Marketing

Reaching out to current readers on your web drives more traffic effectively. To quickly enhance viewers and readers when you publish a new blog or content offer, you may share it with your subscribers and followers by sending them updates on the latest publication. Persistent readers are beneficial for traffic objectives, conversions, and lead generation on content-heavy websites.

To start with this, design an email list or extend your current list. Here are a few methods to help you:

  • Content offers: Offer content requires audiences to leave their email to sign up. CTAs for content offerings should be included on your website.
  • Start an email newsletter: Conduct research to locate the ones in your niche that interest the audience. Add sign-up forms on your website for the audience to subscribe and send newsletters through their emails.
  • Social media: Get more subscribers by advertising your email newsletter on social media, whether through a post, a contest, or a giveaway.
Approach Email Marketing

Enhance Media Coverage and Public Relations

Earned media coverage effectively drives website traffic and brand recognition for your business. If your public relations and marketing teams collaborate, your web drives more traffic and spreads the good word of mouth.

Media coverage offers excellent external validation for your business. It allows a reader, who may have never heard of your business before, interested in learning more because of stories about your product or services, company culture, or even industry thought leadership.

There are many ways you can leverage your media and public relations, such as:

  • Host webinars: People enjoy learning, and webinars are a remarkable strategy to share your knowledge with your audiences, which helps in boosting website traffic. Send a reminder email the day before the webinar with an attractive subject line like “Last Chance to Register” around a week or so beforehand. Save the presentation for subsequent viewing and promote your webinars on social media.
  • Create an online community: Building a community on your website is a terrific approach to start a discussion and attract audiences to the web drives more traffic. This is an opportunity for people to express their opinions on topics they are passionate about. Build a strong community using external tools like Facebook comments or Discord, or set up a special forum for visitors to post queries. 
  • Attend conferences: There are probably at least one or two significant conventions and conferences relevant to your business, regardless of your industry. This is a chance for you to present and promote your business with other industry experts. Mentioning your business web drives more traffic and benefits you in positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
Enhance Media Coverage and Public Relations

Interview Thought Leadership

Experts say more than half of decision-makers read thought leadership content weekly. Obviously, people are interested in this issue, so why not devote more time to it?

Almost every business has employees with high personal branding who can impact specific groups of people. Influential thought leaders have the relevant expertise that may be useful to your readers, even if their backgrounds are entirely unrelated to your organization’s specialization.

You do not have to choose the most well-known thought leader. Find amazing storytellers instead. For example, you can set up an interview with these thought leaders. If you just ask, you’d be surprised at how many individuals will be open to speaking with you. Send out letters to thought leaders in your sector seeking interviews, and then post the interviews on your site. The interviewee would share the information as well, thus extending its reach. Name recognition will help in driving website traffic and reputation.

Interview Thought Leadership

Analyze SEO Strategy

When an audience searches for a product, you want your business to appear as one of the top results. According to Google, the first three items on a search engine results page receive 75% of clicks. That valuable ranking is essential for driving website traffic.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, enhances your website to maximize its chances of appearing well in search results for relevant keywords. It is also a strategy that supports businesses on how to optimize a website for SEO.

It takes time and effort to understand and apply those rules to the structure and content of your website from major search engines like Google and Bing. However, successfully implementing SEO on your web drives more traffic and gains audiences. Essential factors of SEO you should consider are

  • Keyword Research
  • URL Optimization
  • Meta Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Content Optimization
Analyze SEO Strategy

Some best tools for website optimization can fully support your business to customize a perfect SEO strategy that benefits growing website traffic. Their marketing expertise allows businesses to meet their marketing objectives in a designed time frame with an affordable budget.

Execute On-Page SEO

On-page SEO benefits your website in ranking higher in search engines and boosting website traffic. Visible in search results helps tour website will receive more visitors. Here are a few on-page SEO components: 

  • Title tag (meta title): Meta descriptions and meta titles are two elements that affect how your website will display on a SERP. They play a crucial role in generating page clicks. Click-through from search traffic is a key indicator of organic traffic, which Google uses to specify your rank order.
  • Meta descriptions: Generally speaking, this should give readers a succinct, pertinent description of what a certain page is about, educating and engaging them. They operate as a marketing pitch, persuading the user that the page contains all the necessary information.
  • Keywords: the crucial element of on-page SEO—where you optimize your content to make it clear to search engines what it’s about and give it a ranking in pertinent searches.
Execute On-Page SEO

Operate Technical SEO

Technical SEO examines your website’s backend to determine how the pages are set up and ordered technically. Elements contributing to this approach include

  • Page speed: speed has always been a ranking factor. The faster a page loads, the more positive impacts on website traffic drivers’ experience. 
  • Schema markup: this factor allows search engine bots to locate and index sites more easily. Moreover, it can enhance rich site snippets, which convert to click-through rates.
  • Rich snippets: this includes information product’s cost, availability, and reviews visible on search engines. If all information is filled out, it can significantly increase the number of website traffic drivers.

Never undervalue the influence of technical SEO, besides, learning how to optimize a website for SEO is important to attract more users and increase organic search. According to experts, this strategy may increase website traffic by over 50% in just one month.

Operate Technical SEO

Use some of the advice from this section to start your technical SEO, such as:

  • Correct redirects and broken links.
  • Make an XML sitemap for your subdomains.
  • Create language-specific meta tags.
  • Provide subject pages with a unique H1 and introductions.

Implement Guest Posts or Quality Backlinks

A good search engine ranking is necessary to attract visitors to your website. In addition to the topic/cluster approach, other ways to do this include guest posting or examining high-quality backlinks. Guest blogging demonstrates your involvement in your community and links to your website. Finding a website that would be a good fit for your business, writing a blog post, and then writing a pitch are the steps in putting a guest blogging plan into action.

The more links you have from reliable sites with high Domain Authority, the higher your own Domain Authority will rise. Your rank and traffic will increase to your domain authority (DA). Some link-building techniques are most efficient:

  • Contact high-reputation websites and offer to write a guest post for them. Include a link to your website in the body or your author bio.
  • Find broken links on other websites using an SEO tool, then offer to replace them with your content.
  • Link to unique, high-quality content.
Implement Guest Posts or Quality Backlinks

Implement Internal Links

When website traffic drivers visit your page, keeping their interest and leading them to other articles on your site is essential. Internal links, or links to other pages on your website, are what will fulfill the goal. 

For instance, apply the pillar/cluster paradigm mentioned above to structure an internal link. Links between pillar and cluster pages improve your site’s reputation with search engines while raising the possibility of a conversion.

Ensure the page has at least 1-3 links to different landing pages on your website. This will assist in driving website traffic to certain pages and also:

  • Keeps users on your site for a longer time
  • Encourages website traffic drivers to browse more of your website’s page
  • Benefits them with the website’s value.
Implement Internal Links

List The Business

Business listing means inputting your business profile on the specific search engine’s website listing to allow customers to reach and find information about your business like phone number, opening times, and address. By listing the business, you can reach higher rankings on the relevant platforms and be observed by local searches.

Google Business Profile is the most influential to your business awareness since a potential profile allows you to be visible on Google Maps and Google Search. Facebook is the second-largest directory. Enhance your listings by:

  • Complete all of the profile information.
  • Specify the business industry.
  • Remain your company information consistent.
  • Be responsible for reviews.
  • Add images.
  • Update your data regularly.
List The Business

Improve Click-through Rate (CTR)

Once you’ve published your content and started ranking in search engines, ensure people click through to read your articles. Click-through rate (CTR) is one of the website metrics that compare the number of people who clicked on it and read it to the total number of individuals who saw the link,  for instance, landing page, email, or advertising.

Google Search Console is a free but effective tool for analyzing your organic CTR. Write engaging and appropriate meta descriptions and titles to increase clickthroughs and bring traffic to your website. Ensure your titles are brief and to the point and that your description leaves readers wanting more if you want to write effective meta tags that raise website traffic drivers’ interest.

Improve Click-through Rate (CTR)


In short, website traffic is the ultimate approach to enhance business visibility on target audiences. There are unlimited approaches in the process of how to increase website traffic, whether it is paid or free. Implement one of these twenty techniques in your demand generation plan for the upcoming quarter to see tremendous growth in website traffic drivers. 

However, it is suggested to only attempt them some at a time. Instead, driving website traffic begins with selecting the strategy that helps to attract more website traffic drivers. An efficient digital marketing plan should overlay short-term and long-term techniques to complement one another.