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Link building outreach, the term leads to a high possibility of success in SEO during this competitive race of search ranking. This approach is one of the best strategies for obtaining high-quality backlinks on reliable websites and improving your business’s organic search traffic.

Nevertheless, applying link building outreach is challenging if missing suitable supporting tools. This article will go through the definition of link building outreach, the step-by-step guide to the practical technique, tips to achieve success, and recommending tools to achieve your link building outreach approach. 

link building outreach

What is Link Building Outreach?

Outreach requires your team to reach out to external organizations, specifically websites, articles, and journals, that can acquire a backlink to promote your business’s website. An effective outreach strategy increases the possibility of receiving high-quality links and benefits in organic search rankings. The target goals of link building outreach campaign are:

  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Expand your target market
  • Increasing search engine ranks
  • Improve sales from organic and referral traffic

As search engine algorithms have evolved over the past few decades, SEO has experienced a significant adjustment. As a matter of fact, backlinks are still beneficial for obtaining that high-value organic traffic through high ranks from search engines.

What is Link Building Outreach?

In addition, having numerous low-quality links is less effective than having one high-quality link from an authoritative domain. You must provide value consistent with whatever offer:

  • Educational advice.
  • Critical adjustments to the link authority.
  • Exceptional news and information.
  • Engaging content to sell products.

Whether you are developing a link building program for your business, the eventual objective of your link building campaign is to establish long-term connections with authorized bloggers rather than just getting a single backlink from them.

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Link Building Outreach Step-By-Step Guide

When understanding the definition of link building outreach deeply, developing a link building outreach process that can sufficiently improve your business’s site is easier. There are five basic steps in the guidelines, which are: 

  • Step 1: Link Searching
  • Step 2: Setting Up Your Email 
  • Step 3: Getting Email Contacts
  • Step 4: Personalization
  • Step 5: Create Partnerships
Link Building Outreach Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Link Searching 

The initial process of an effective outreach campaign requires you to set the target to who you are reaching out. In addition, this approach can accomplish in various ways, including manual search, interaction with existing connections, or the use of programs.

Nevertheless, depending on how clear your chosen objectives for a link building approach and link-searching techniques are, the link searching phase will vary from a few minutes to hours to complete.  

There are many ways to search for potential contacts likely to link to your website. You can manually search or automate the process using a link building outreach tool. 

A great way to widen your search is to look at other industries where your target demographic is located. Fortunately, this strategy is exceptional from competitors because most will not consider looking for audiences in non-related zones. 

Step 1: Link Searching 

Step 2: Setting Up Your Email  

Creating your email sequence is the next stage of getting ready for your link building outreach campaign. Usually, this process consists of the opening pitch and one or two follow-ups.

Many components contribute to making up a successful link-building email sequence, which are :

  • Subject line: the first thing your recipient sees, giving them a quick summary of the email’s content before they open it.
  • Initial pitch: a body of the link building email when compelling value propositions are necessary to keep the recipient’s attention.
  • Follow Up: the key for any email marketing because the majority of responses occur from this technique. 
  • Email Signature: Usually contains a company logo or photo, the business’s address, the job position, links to social media accounts, or a phone number to help you identify yourself in the eyes of your potential customers and gain their trust.
  • Domain Authentication: a crucial component of any mass email outreach which significantly influences email deliverability.
Step 2: Setting Up Your Email

Step 3: Getting Email Contacts

Because manually getting emails from your contacts can take a lot of effort, some best link building tools allow finding email addresses faster.

LinkedIn is a supportive business platform. Furthermore, social media and search websites effectively search locations to find a person’s contact. This technique is a warm greeting to acknowledge audiences before sending cold emails. An email address will deliver the best results.

Step 3: Getting Email Contacts

Step 4: Personalization

This next step shows that a successful link building outreach campaign depends on the personalization of emails and the use of an appropriate tone of voice. If your emails include spam, unreliable, or unprofessional content, it is impossible to gain the recipients’ trust and may lead to denial in partnership with your business.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the tone of your cold email is friendly before sending it. Here are some suggestions to add to the email:

  • Describe your organization or website and yourself.
  • Illustrating a problem (and how you’ll solve it)
  • Be succinct and brief.
  • Use a branded email address when sending

To make your email appear naturally, we recommend highlighting something already covered in their article. 

Step 4: Personalization

Step 5: Create Partnerships

Regarding your target audience niche, the number of link building outreach searches can range from dozens to a few hundred.

For example, to actively maintain the relationship between your business and your partners, it is recommended to regularly update them with new guest posts for them to consider attaching backlinks to their site. Of course, as a partnership, they may send you back their guest post and request you to do the same process. 

Step 5: Create Partnerships

4 Link Building Techniques That Work

Once we understand the link building outreach process, it is time to apply some techniques to improve sufficiency. This part will cover four link building techniques that can efficiently use:

  • The Skyscraper technique
  • The Moving Man technique 
  • The Guest Posting technique
  • Digital PR

The Skyscraper technique

Beginning with the Skyscraper technique, the act of researching content that other websites are linking to before producing your own valuable, high-quality content on a related subject. In addition, you will publicize your posts on those websites to attract readers to relate to your content and access the provided link instead. Three steps to apply the Skyscraper technique are:

  1. Look for High-Performance Articles
  2. Create A Modified Post
  3. Engage With Domains
The Skyscraper technique

The Moving Man Technique 

The next effective technique is The Moving Man. This technique suggests contacting those websites that most likely will help to provide backlinks to your out-of-date information. Moreover, you can ask them to link to your updated content instead. Finding outdated links on blogs, websites, and publications relating to your niche or sector is the key outcome when using this technique.

It would be best if you contacted websites with a strong backlink profile. As a result, this is a great way to build up relevant backlinks to your website quickly. The guideline to approach the moving technique is as follows:

  1. Track Down Old Content
  2. Identify Backlinks to Old Content
  3. Make New or Update Content
  4. Contact Domain Owners
The Moving Man Technique 

Guest Posting

As the name indicates, guest blogging requests information and articles published on other websites in exchange for backlinks. Typically, this strategy requires a business to have a high industry reputation to benefit others when getting links to your site. 

To accomplish this effectively, find a well-known or authoritative blog site, establish a connection with the proprietors, and ask them to include an article on their website. Additionally, you will put hyperlinks to your website in the article for readers to get access your site quickly without searching for it. There are three steps involved in the process of guest posting:

  1. Locate Reputable Blog Sites in Your Industry
  2. Ask for a Guest Post
  3. Provide Backlink in Content 
Guest Posting

Digital PR

The goal of digital public relations (PR) is to increase brand recognition online. Digital PR is an excellent long-term outreach technique that entails producing positive PR content about your business and contacting relevant or reputable organizations or journalists in your area to publish this information.

Digital PR materials could include:

  • Guest Blog post
  • Directory Inclusion
  • Press Release
  • Unlinked Mention

The progress of digital PR consists of four steps:

  1. Create concepts
  2. Establish content.
  3. Assemble a contact list
  4. Submit your proposal
Digital PR

7 Tips To Succeed in Link Building Outreach 

To create a campaign with the least errors, it is important to know the common mistakes that your competitors usually make, which are:

  • Failing to conduct sufficient research
  • Making poor subject lines
  • Lack of personalization
  • Not being relevant

But no worry. These are the top seven suggestions for enhancing your marketing approach and raising the success rate that your link building outreach campaign should apply, including:

  • Research
  • Personalization
  • Be Relevant
  • Use a Link Building Outreach Tool
  • Choose Prospects Carefully
  • Build an Asset Bank
  • Monitoring Outcomes


By doing research, you can improve the success rate of your link building outreach strategy. You may understand more about your contacts through their social media accounts, posting styles, and website.


Personalization is an effective tip for showing your willingness to welcome the audience. This tip expresses through the way you include their name in your greeting. In contrast, many people commonly assume emails without personalization is spam content and will oppose it anyhow.

Be Relevant

Being relevant, once again, means doing enough research on the potential customer to build rapport by making your subject matter relevant to them. In addition, another essential aspect of relevance is maintaining consistency between the subject in the email body and the subject line.

Be Relevant

Use a Link Building Outreach Tool

Many link building outreach tools allow businesses to build high-quality campaigns. While establishing the approach, challenging steps like link searching, setting emails, or finding contacts is more manageable with the support of link building outreach tools. Specifically, they help you identify email addresses, modify email layouts, and measure outcomes.

Choose Prospects Carefully

Once again, it is worthwhile to emphasize the importance of locating top-notch, relevant possibilities. As a matter of fact, a single link from a website with high link authority suitable to your website is more valuable than having several links with low authority.

Build an Asset Bank

Build links to a list of your website’s high-quality pages and blogs. When you have great content, it will be much simpler to attract links from the partners. Links are drawn to infographics, movies, freebies, and interactive stuff.

Monitoring Outcomes

Monitoring outcomes reveals when and where you should adjust your outreach effort for link development.

Monitoring Outcomes

Top 4 Link Building Outreach Tools

As stated above, using an appropriate off-page SEO service or link building outreach tools will help to simplify the process of creating the approach. These tools will automate the process for you, resulting in better outcomes and saving you effort simultaneously. They have email templates that support finding audiences and their contact details and keeping track of your progress.

  • Ninja Outreach
  • BuzzSumo
  • BuzzStream
  • Pitchbox

Ninja Outreach

For small companies and digital marketers, NinjaOutreach is a full CRM. It looks for influencers and emails on blogs, YouTube, and Instagram. Filters make it easier to find the best candidates. This tool allows businesses to:

  • Discover emails and social media profiles
  • Email potential customers using the platform’s templates
  • Analyze and monitor outcomes.

This tool is available to add to the Chrome extension. To best utilize it, you may add websites and discover contact details while searching.

Ninja Outreach


BuzzSumo is very helpful for finding possibilities for trending content and outreach for backlinks. Additionally, they provide a free Google Chrome addon. This tool specifies their characteristics through delivering services:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Competitive research
  • Customizable alerts
  • Dashboard for customer involvement
  • Impact evaluation
  • Tracking of influencers
  • Management of reputation
  • Trend monitoring

Using BuzzSomo will help find bloggers, journalists, and other influential people who are promoting the content within the business’s industry. In addition to that, they will take advantage of market trends to increase outreach chances for backlinks. 

In case when there is a reference to your brand but does not mention your site or provide backlinks, the Brands Mention feature of BuzzSomo will notify you. This is an additional service from BuzzSomo, therefore, you can request it while working with them if desired. 



BuzzStream is a solution for managing public relations that provides link development and outreach in one place. The Discovery feature can reveal audience names and contact details using a keyword search. In fact, BuzzStream offers services relating to the following:

  • Backlink control
  • Campaign management
  • Contact administration
  • Distribution of emails
  • Analyses of links
  • Rank monitoring
  • Social media surveillance


Pitchbox is an effective tool specially made for SEO services, in-house marketing teams, and brands to acquire influencers and generate links. Pitchbox interfaces with SEO providers and generates pipeline reports for all levels of outreach. 

Moreover, their customer service has an exceptional rating. Pitchbox’s dashboard is simple for businesses to operate. Nevertheless, this tool is more costly than others like  Ninja Outreach and BuzzStream, but according to the reviews, people are willing to pay the extra.



In conclusion, outreach allows external sources to give backlinks to your site for branding awareness and SEO purposes. Establishing a link-building outreach campaign consists of link searching, setting up emails, finding contacts, personalization, and creating partnerships. In addition, some techniques and tips give support to improve the approach. 

Link building, in general, and link building outreach strategy positively impact the organic search ranking and search traffic of a business’s websites. To best utilize the benefits and speed up the process, find a suitable tool and SEO service that can sufficiently support your business in creating an effective link building outreach strategy.