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Email Marketing Service
Start Connecting, Start Converting

Good email copy is no longer enough to woo customers. Let’s see how ROI Digitally’s email marketing service reshapes your business’ digital strategies.

Your Business Struggles to Break Through These
Email Marketing Blockades?

Growing Email Lists & Nurturing Leads

With the rise of email marketing, the average person’s inbox is inundated with a large number of promotional emails, making it harder for businesses to stand out and grab the attention of potential customers.

Consumers are more likely to ignore cold emails or unsubscribe from spam, making it necessary for businesses to adopt more creative and engaging tactics to grow their email lists and nurture the leads sustainably.

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Increasing Open & Click-Through Rates

Due to consumers’ high volume and limited attention spans, businesses find increasing email leads’ open and click-through rates increasingly difficult. 

According to a study by MailChimp, the average open rate for marketing emails is just 21.33%, meaning the majority of leads are not even getting seen. Additionally, the same study found that the click-through rate for these emails was only 2.62%, demonstrating the challenge businesses face in engaging with customers through email.

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Personalizing Emails & Segmenting Contacts

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to receiving emails from businesses. They expect personalized and relevant content that speaks to their needs and interests.

Without proper segmentation, businesses risk sending irrelevant and unengaging content to their subscribers, leading to lowered engagement rates and even unsubscribes

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Tracking Data & Measuring ROI

Businesses are struggling to measure ROI from email marketing due to the complexity of the customer journey and the multitude of touchpoints involved.
Businesses find it challenging to quantify the impact of their email marketing efforts. This is primarily because email campaigns rely on various metrics, making it challenging to determine the exact ROI of their email marketing campaigns.

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Turn Emails Into Profits with Our All-in-One
Email Marketing Service

Data-Driven Strategy

  • Audience portrait research
  • Campaign strategy and execution
  • Monthly content planning

Personalized Copywriting

  • 15+ year-experienced writers
  • Enticing brand messaging
  • Data-backed best practices

Captivating Design

  • Customized email templates
  • Branded graphics
  • Conversion-focused call to actions

Seamless Automation

  • Campaign design and setup
  • Contact cleaning and segmentation
  • Workflow implementation

ROI Optimization

  • A/B testing and measurement
  • Weekly and monthly report
  • Data-driven recommendations

Customer Support

  • 24/7 available response
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Insightful consultancy

Why Should You Invest in ROI Digitally's Email Marketing Services?

100+ Successful Campaigns

With a team of experienced and highly qualified email marketing experts, ROI Digitally has carried out over 100 successful email marketing campaigns with detailed analytics to back us up. This is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best results to their clients.

Experienced In-house Copywriters

The wealth of knowledge and expertise lies at the heart of ROI Digitally’s Email Marketing Services. Our highly seasoned content marketing team is full of experts who possess 15+ years of experience in email marketing content development.

Global Industry Delivery

Our experts are highly skilled in devising tailored email marketing content and strategies that capitalize on opportunities offered by your industry. We have an in-depth understanding of the particular nuances associated with the industry, ensuring a highly targeted and productive email marketing campaign.

Expert Digital Strategists

With 15 years of experience in the field, we have developed an immense understanding of the digital marketing landscape. Our proven track record demonstrates our proficiency in delivering results-driven and effective email marketing campaigns. This extensive experience has given us a unique ability to develop customized email campaigns that cater to the specific needs of different businesses.

Our Pricing

ROI Premium
From $1000
ROI Gold
From $1400
ROI Diamond
From $1600
Review & set up account
Audit and review current situations

Set up new account (01 Email Marketing platform/ account)

Data analysis & organization

Build up healthy lists with accounts interested in our products

1 list

2 - 5 lists

5+ lists

Research to get insights into the current list: demographics, purchase history and segment the list if needed

Planning & execution

Plan monthly content strategy and plan

Audit and report customer behavior on the website

Set up and run weekly email campaigns to B2C or B2B customers.

1 - 2 email campaigns

1 - 2 email campaigns

1 - 3 email campaigns

Run automation workflow

1 flow

2 flows

3 flows

Campaign and automation performance report




Other activities to build up email list

Filter email list: add new emails and remove ones who never open

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ROI Digitally's email marketing services?

ROI Digitally’s email marketing services are designed to increase customer engagement and brand awareness through targeted and personalized email campaigns. Our services include email list management, email design and development, monthly content planning, A/B testing, and performance analysis to ensure maximum ROI for clients.

Which email is best for marketing?

Choosing a platform offering advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities is essential for email marketing.

Research shows that emails sent using personalized subject lines and content have a higher open rate and conversion rate, making platforms like Mailchimp and HubSpot the best options for effective email marketing.

Additionally, using a platform that provides data analytics and A/B testing features helps businesses continually improve and optimize their email campaigns for better results.

Is email marketing part of CRM?

Email marketing is a subset of CRM, which involves communication with potential and existing customers through email channels.

By leveraging the insights gleaned from customer interactions, email campaigns can be tailored to specific segments, further personalizing the customer experience and fostering loyalty.

Why is email marketing still the best?

Despite the emergence of new marketing channels, email marketing still remains the most effective tool for businesses to reach and engage their customers. 

Email marketing has an ROI of 4400%, and 72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional content through email, making it a cost-effective and preferred method of communication for both businesses and customers.