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“Why does my brick-and-mortar store need digital marketing?” Dave Pearson - founder of Pearson Cues once wondered. The answer hit Dave when he realized that more and more customers are moving towards online buying experiences. They look online and browse business websites before heading to the high street.

However, it turned out building a website to sell his billboard items was not enough. Digital marketing, in fact, is the combination of many things.

About Pearson Cues

Best pool cues by the world player on the market, which is located in the center of Bay City, Michigan.

153 Pearson Retailers Worldwide was born as an ideal place to shop for pool cues & pool cues accessories. With the motto of the traditional inlaid pool cue design, Pearson Cues has always promptly updated trends in the community that loves "sports" designs.

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Challenges Encountered

With the fast-paced digital world, Pearson Cues is taking a bold step in establishing its brand. Though they have been on the market for some time now, sales from B2C customers are limited to none.

  • There were no sales reported through their main website channel – – during July and August of the 2022 year before our partnership took effect
  • Despite utilizing Magento as an eCommerce platform that offers notable website features, improving the shopping experience remains critical to the brand’s conversion rates.

Current status of Pearson Cues website before deploying our partnership campaign:

  • Pearson Cues’s current website fails to capitalize on the high customer interest and engagement with their product, due to a lack of clarity in marketing analytics.
  • Poor banner interactivity leads customers away from making purchases.
  • All the positive reviews about Pearson Cues are left unseen by potential consumers or clients, further dampening any progress toward purchase completion for this company’s future growth through digital channels.
  • Existing marketing tooling such as Hubspot CRM & Email Marketing has been installed but lacks efficient operations.

Expected Goal

What is Pearson Cues looking for? Pearson Cues is seeking an agency that will enable them to take their marketing efforts to the next level and achieve sustainable long-term growth.

Through this, they aim for:

  • Traffic: 15000 monthly
  • Organic SEO Top 10
  • Other channels take up to 10% of online sales

All leading towards a meaningful return on investment which can be tracked over time.

ROI Digitally's Solution

After careful analysis of the company, its audience and available marketing materials, we concluded that a diverse strategy incorporating both short-term tactics and long-term plans across multiple channels was essential to achieving their objectives.

We developed an extensive marketing plan targeted towards boosting sales figures as well as traffic while simultaneously elevating brand awareness within 6 months.

  • Optimize website structure, filters, category pages, and product pages.
  • Re-design & implement a more streamlined checkout process for customers to maximize customer satisfaction and sales opportunities.
  • Implemented white-hat-SEO tactics to guarantee optimal visibility on search engine results in pages that helps drive more organic traffic.
  • Expand brand recognition by leveraging social media channels and building Dave Pearson’s reputation as an expert authority in his field of business – billiards.
  • Nurture the relationship between the brand and its customers (both B2B and B2C) via email communication.
  • Run, review and report various types of Google Ads to generate more and more sales orders on the website and elevate the brand’s presence on Google search results.

Results Achieved

After a dedicated 3-month effort, ROI implementation has yielded remarkable outcomes for Pearson Cues brand:

  • A four-fold increase in Visitors to the website, soaring from around 100 visitors to more than 430 visitors per day.
  • An impressive return on investment (ROI) of over 50% and average order values up to $300, growing from zero.
  • Video got 1 million views on Tiktok. Watch here!
  • 1st ranked Best Pool Cue blog post on Google Search. Read here!
  • 10% of keywords committed ranking on the top 3 & 10 of Google search results, making the brand highly visible to potential customers.
  • An increase in the open rate at the average of 30% per email and the click rate peaking at 15.8%. Contact numbers grow by over 30%.
  • 30% of the sales orders gained on the website are generated from Google Ads campaigns.
  • Highly convertible and mobile-friendly website giving visitors a better on-page experience and turning lookers into buyers.

If your brick-and-mortar stores are barely benefiting from using a digital marketing strategy, contact us right away. ROI Digitally is always here to offer the best digital approach that fits your business’s goals.

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