Pearson Cues

Achieving 6-month revenue in just 1 month…after website transformation.

Despite Pearson Cues' successful track record in driving large volumes of web traffic, the business was finding it difficult to turn those visitors into buyers. ROI Digitally came to the rescue by migrating the website to a new platform and performing a comprehensive UI/UX website audit, ultimately leading to enhanced customer engagement and sales conversions.

Challenges Encountered

Pearson Cues was grappling with a plethora of issues while using the Magento platform. Despite getting around 20,000 organic site visitors per month, they could only convert 1 to 2 sales each month, with the average order value at $232.The website had difficulty improving its User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) on the main pages, such as product pages and category pages. This ended up costing the business’s potential customers and slowing the process of turning current traffic into sales.

  • The product page, for instance, lacked detailed information, and it was challenging to find products that potential customers were interested in as there were no clear categorization patterns. The trust-building elements, such as customer reviews and testimonials, were either absent or difficult to locate, further impacting user decisions.
  • The checkout section was another central problem area for Pearson Cues. It was long, confusing, and divided into several unorganized steps, causing potential buyers to abandon their purchases midway. The checkout section was so outdated and cumbersome that it interfered with the buying experience, leading to a drop in sales conversion rates.

In summary, the issues Pearson Cues faced with the Magento platform affected several aspects of the website, from visibility to UX/UI and checkout. Unless these issues were resolved promptly, they would continue negatively impacting sales and the overall user experience.

How ROI Digitally Ensured The Outcome of Website Migration?

Conduct a thorough analysis of the client's old website to identify the root cause and problem areas, specifically the complicated or sketchy product and checkout pages.
Conduct a thorough analysis of the client's old website to identify the root cause and problem areas, specifically the complicated or sketchy product and checkout pages.
Create an exchange or request file outlining the necessary features and functions required for the website.
Research and evaluate available platforms that align with the client's requirements and needs
Schedule a meeting to propose a new platform and timeline for switching to it.
Organize weekly or bi-weekly check-in meetings to continually monitor implementation progress, testing, and approval.
Launch the new website only when it has been approved and deemed ready.
Monitor the website regularly and address any issues or errors while improving its functionalities based on customer feedback and requests.

ROI Digitally's Solution

Several improvements have been implemented on their website using the WordPress platform with WooCommerce integration to address the issues that Pearson Cues faced. This has resulted in a more responsive and user-friendly online shopping experience for customers, ultimately translating into more sales and revenue for the brand.

A primary change to the website was the enhanced layout of the category pages, particularly for the “Pool Cues” section. A banner section was added to prominently display existing and upcoming promotions, enticing customers to purchase. A new section called “Pool Cues by Style” also summarized the rows available from different brands with corresponding images, names, and price ranges. This made it easier for customers to navigate the website and created a more professional and streamlined presentation of Pearson Cues’ product offerings.
The product pages were also improved substantially. A sale promotion section was implemented to highlight ongoing discounts and attract customers to take advantage of the deals. Furthermore, a unique selling proposition (USP) section was included at an eye-catching place on the page to reinforce Pearson Cues’ brand identity and differentiate it from competitors. A specification section was also added, making it easier for customers to understand the products they were interested in. The ability to sort products by volume was also made available, allowing buyers to purchase items according to their needs.
A testimonials section was added to the product pages to build customer trust. This feature created social proof for the product offering and fostered a sense of credibility and reliability for the brand. Additionally, a related products section was made available to offer customers alternative products in the same category they might be interested in. This increased customer satisfaction and encouraged more sales for Pearson Cues.
The checkout page was also upgraded for improved convenience and clarity. All the necessary payment and shipping options were displayed on a single page, ensuring customers could complete their transactions without hassle or confusion.

Implementing these improvements has significantly impacted Pearson Cues’ online presence and sales performance. The enhanced website layout and features have created a more streamlined and customer-centric experience, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. 

The result is a website tailored to meet the needs and expectations of Pearson Cues’ target demographic, guiding them smoothly through the shopping journey from product discovery to checkout.

Results Achieved

After implementing some crucial website changes, Pearson Cues has experienced an impressive surge in their sales figures. 

After implementing some crucial website changes, Pearson Cues has experienced an impressive surge in their sales figures. 

  • 1-month revenue:

-> Over the course of just a month, from March 23rd to April 23rd of 2023, a total of 9 sales were made through their B2C platform, resulting in a whopping $3,927 of revenue

-> This indicates a significant increase in sales activity compared to the previous seven months, where only 15 sales were made with a total B2C revenue of $3,123.

-> Within a year, including the six-month deployment period, the platform only achieved 18 single and B2C sales, amounting to $4,178.96.

The Pearson Cues website underwent a series of transformations, including updating its user interface, optimizing the search function, streamlining the checkout process, and ensuring better customer response times.

These modifications have all positively affected the user experience, simplifying and streamlining their interactions with the website.

ROI Digitally’s solutions to the Pearson Cues website have resulted in a substantial upswing in their sales figures, demonstrating the effectiveness of the changes made to the platform.

  • Website performance

Since switching platforms a month ago (March 23 – April 23, 2023), the website traffic has remained consistent, with an average of 20,000 organic and direct search users. Plus, the Website Health Score has gone up from 98 to a perfect 100.

After executing some changes for Pearson Cues’ website, a significant improvement was observed in the website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. As per the latest update, out of the 134 tracking keywords, 50 currently rank in the top 10 search results, indicating a 37.31% increase in the website’s visibility.

Furthermore, the website has also seen a significant improvement in keyword ranking, with 14 keywords currently ranking in the top 1 search result positions. This is a major accomplishment, as getting the top ranking in search engines is crucial in driving organic traffic to the website, ultimately leading to more conversions.

In addition, the blog post “Best Pool Cues” has remained in the top 1 for 3 weeks, showing that the content strategy executed on the website works well. Highlighting popular topics like this can attract more visitors to the website and boost user conversion.

Our client (Pearson Cues) was able to achieve six months’ worth of revenue in just one month after the website overhaul. This remarkable achievement is a result of ROI Digitally’s commitment to delivering customized and innovative solutions to our client’s digital marketing needs.

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