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ERA Staffing Solutions struggled to make ends meet and desperately needed a game-changing partner to breathe new life into their business. Enter ROI Digitally— the unstoppable force behind ERA Staffing Solutions' incredible turnaround.

ROI Digitally unleashed digital expertise and prowess to transform ERA Staffing Solutions from a virtually unknown entity to a brand that now enjoys a formidable and recognizable identity in the industry.

About ERA Staffing Solutions

Expert Resources Alliance (ERA) offers a comprehensive suite of staffing advisory services to assist businesses in managing their permanent and temporary workers.

The company provides a comprehensive range of staffing solutions, including Contractor management, sourcing (hired) solutions, Payroll outsourcing, mobility, and relocation services.

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Challenges Countered

  • Inability to effectively convert website leads.
  • Inefficient website design and user experience.
  • Lack of persuasive and engaging content.
  • Weak value proposition to potential clients.
  • Low or nonexistent search engine rankings.
  • Ineffective or absent search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.
  • Inconsistent or nonexistent branding across digital and print materials.
  • Lack of a cohesive brand story, messaging, and mission statement.
  • Undefined unique selling points and differentiators.
  • Limited brand awareness among potential clients and industry peers.
  • Lack of clarity in conveying the services offered and their benefits.
  • A high number of competing staffing agencies.
  • Pressure to adopt emerging industry technologies and best practices.
  • Need to consistently evolve and adapt to changing client needs and market trends.
  • Staying ahead of competitor pricing and service offerings.

Expected Goal

What is ERA looking for?

  • Increase online visibility through strong SEO strategies targeting the Vietnamese market.
  • Develop a user-friendly, informative, and professional website.
  • Utilize engaging and informative content to convert site visitors into potential customers.
  • Create a unique and memorable logo to represent the brand.
  • Develop comprehensive brand guidelines to maintain consistency across platforms.
  • Craft a strong brand profile to effectively communicate the company’s values and offerings.
  • Publish regular blog posts, case studies, and whitepapers on industry-relevant topics.

ROI Digitally's Solution

Overall, ERA Staffing Solutions needs to address these challenges by revamping its website and online marketing strategy, building a strong and consistent brand identity, and leveraging data analytics to optimize its efforts.

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

To ensure ERA Staffing Solutions appears on the first page of search results for the Vietnamese market, ROI Digitally will employ various SEO tactics, including keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical SEO. The team will perform an in-depth audit of ERA’s current online presence and identify areas for improvement. ROI Digitally aims to strengthen ERA’s online reputation and increase brand awareness by focusing on both the quantity and quality of backlinks.

Professional SEO Audit

ROI Digitally’s SEO Audit Service helped ERA Staffing Solutions business completely eliminate SEO errors and barriers blocking the website ranking on top. By analyzing the website’s structure and content, identifying potential search engine optimization issues, and providing technical recommendations, ROI Digitally was able to propose a comprehensive solution and identify any low-hanging opportunities that could enhance performance.

Optimized Google Business Profile

In addition, ROI Digitally will optimize ERA Staffing Solutions’ Google business profile with consistent and accurate information, complete with customer reviews, high-resolution images, and engaging posts. This will positively impact the brand’s local search rankings and help attract more clients searching for their services in the Vietnam market.

Website UX/UI and Technical Optimization

ROI Digitally understands the need for a highly convertible and mobile-friendly website for B2B target audience. Therefore, web optimization is crucial to help leverage the website’s maximum visibility and conversion. The team researched and implemented the appropriate style, tone, and flow while developing a user-centric design. Refined UX/UI elements ensured a seamless customer journey, prompting site visitors to take the desired action, such as booking free consultations, leading to potential customer acquisitions. 

High-quality Content Strategy

To drive organic traffic and generate interest in ERA Staffing Solutions’ offerings, ROI Digitally will develop a content strategy to deliver valuable and relevant information tailored to the target audience. The team will utilize keyword research to identify popular search terms related to the brand’s services, ensuring that the content produced addresses user intent.

Ongoing Tracking and Analysis

Key performance indicators and metrics will be consistently monitored, helping ROI Digitally make data-driven decisions and continuously enhance ERA Staffing Solutions’ online presence. Regular reports and insights will enable effective adjustments to the strategies, ensuring optimal results in terms of brand visibility, organic traffic growth, and conversions.

Results Achieved

  • Significant increase in website traffic and user engagement after launching the improved website designed by ROI Digitally. Visit the ERA Staffing Solutions’ website to experience it!
  • Clear and persuasive web copywriting effectively communicating the unique value proposition of ERA Staffing Solutions.
  • A plethora of industry-focused blog posts generated by ROI Digitally’s team of content writing experts.
  • The website’s health score consistently maintained at 100/100 by ROI Digitally, ensuring an optimal user experience and seamless browsing for potential clients.
  • 20% reduction in the bounce rate, indicating higher user retention on the re-designed website.
  • Better alignment of the ERA Staffing Solutions’ corporate identity with its online presence, resulting in heightened brand recognition.

Stay tuned for more astounding progress as ROI Digitally continues to propel ERA Staffing Solutions toward industry leadership. 

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